photo by rjones0856 (Flickr CC)

Since it’s Friday, I thought I’d post a few videos that are sure to shock, amuse and make you go hmmm…

First, a tigon has been born at a zoo China. A tigon, or tiglon, is a hybrid big cat born of a lion mother and a tiger father. Generally smaller than ligers, the better-known lion-tiger hybrid – born of a lion father and tiger mother – tigons are not necessarily sterile and have been known to produce offspring of their own.

Still, tigons have weak immune systems and ‘confused genetics’ according to the following ITN News report. But who cares about cross breeding cats whose offspring are guaranteed to suffer as long as the zoo gets lots of visitors, right?

Let’s move now from China to southeastern Australia, where flooding has forced many residents to evacuate their homes. Besides humans and their pets fleeing, millions of spiders have left their underground nests to spin webs over farmland and in trees.

Read all about it in Time Magazine and see the video below for more.

Finally, a resident of Hawaii had to leave his home of 26 years due to lava from Mount Kilauea. Jack Thompson’s house was the last one left in the town of Royal Gardens, population once 200, now zero, all other houses in Royal Gardens having already been destroyed by the famous volcano.

Check out this video about one man’s struggle to stay in his home, despite it being in the path of a power volcano.