Consuming shark fin soup is a bad idea, not only because of the decreasing number of sharks, but it can also lead to a brain damage.

“A new study has found high concentrations of BMAA in shark fins — a neurotoxin linked to neurodegenerative diseases in humans including Alzheimer’s and Lou Gehrig disease (ALS)”, informs

Patients with these diseases, tested before they died, had very high levels of BMAA – up to 256 nanograms per milligram – in their brains. Shark fins contain between 144 and 1836 ng/mg of this neurotoxin.

The threat comes, not only from eating the soup, but also from taking supplements that contain shark fat. This has been confirmed in tests on 7 species of shark living off the coast of Florida.

Approximately 70 million sharks are being killed for consumption per year.

“As a result, many shark species are on the verge of becoming extinct. Because sharks play an integral part in maintaining balance in the oceans, the consumption of shark fin soup has become hazardous to the marine environment. Our study suggests that it is possibly harmful to the people who are consuming it too” said the co-author Dr. Neil Hammerschlag.

Is the potential brain damage going to stop people from killing sharks?