Dutch architect Koen Olthuis, from  Waterstudio.NL, hit on the idea of how to create more green areas in cities, which could become habitats for wildlife and to have a  positive affect on improving air quality in a metropolis. He created a  “Tree Sea”, which can be placed in a river, lake or at maritime coasts, informs The Dailymail.
Source: Koen Olthuis, Waterstudio.NLThe construction resembles the design  of a drilling rig. In Olthuis’ opinion, their building could be sponsored by large oil companies, so they can express their concern for the environment.

Source: Koen Olthuis, Waterstudio.NL

“What is beautiful about this project, is that it doesn’t demand expensive urban areas, while the wildlife on the ”Tree Sea” will affect the areas around it on the distance of many kilometres”, says the architect.

Source: Koen Olthuis, Waterstudio.NL

“Tree Sea” can function at various  altitudes. Its layers – above water – will be a habitat for birds, bees, insects, bats and other small animals. Beneath water, various species of fish and others aqueous creatures will find a shelter. If the climate is suitable, even artificial coral reef might sustain and develop.

Source: Koen Olthuis, Waterstudio.NL

According to Waterstudio.NL  building of this structure would take only two years to complete.


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