photo by Flip Nomad (Flickr CC)

We’ve got two bits of eco-news from Asia this weekend.

First we’re off to Vietnam to see how megacity Hanoi is coping with a growing waste problem with the help from scientists in Germany.

Enormous amounts of waste, a rising population, over-crowding, and an aging infrastructure: Vietnam’s capital Hanoi is a perfect example of a fast-growing megacity. Scientists at Darmstadt University have developed a pilot project that combines wastewater treatment, waste disposal and energy production in one. Their goal is to design a biogas plant for Hanoi that digests waste to generate electricity and heat.

–Deutsche Welle

Next we jet over to Shandong Province in China, where a cute pair of baby white Bengal tigers strut their stuff in custom made clothing at a local zoo. The tiger species is endangered, with only 210 white Bengals remaining in the wild.

Check out the video from ITN.