photo by Brian Miller (bmiller1710 on Flickr CC)

A killer whale (orca) was caught on film hunting sharks at a New Zealand beach. One sizable shark was driven onto the sand by the orca, where a local dog began circling and barking at it.

The story has been reported by several news agencies, using the amateur footage, but leave it to ITN News to include the best bits – particularly the part with the dog.

Killer whales are intelligent, skilled hunters and sit at the top of the marine food chain. According to this older video report from National Geographic and ABC News, they sometimes even hunt the fearsome Great White shark.

From BBC News:

The attack occurred at Tuatapere’s Blue Cliffs beach, which is popular for fishing and swimming, on Tuesday. It is thought the killer whale may have been herding the sharks towards the beach.

Sharks and killer whales, huh… remind me never to go swimming at that particular New Zealand beach.

Check out the ITN video of orca vs. sharks in NZ (and dog vs. beached shark) below.