This is the last forest in Europe, where you can view and enjoy how it looked eight thousand years ago. Soon, however, this may change due to ongoing, and destructive human activities. Greenpeace activists are calling for reducing deforestation, which leads to a progressive degradation of this unique, and beautiful area of the Białowieża Forest.

Members of Greenpeace Poland, pointed out that since the time of the Jagiellonian dynasty (1386), for hundreds of years, until World War I, Bialowieza Forest was strictly protected.
For the past several years, the forest has been heavily exploited. Harvesting consisted of natural tree stands, which represent the unique nature of this forest.
Also the trees, some well over 100 years old, have been cut down and the entire fragments of the forest converted, replacing their original character for regular plantations of trees.

Nevertheless, many parts of natural forest, not planted by man, are still preserved. According to scientists, they are worth many billions of dollars as a biological laboratory for researchers from around the world.

Unfortunately, as Greenpeace points out, regular cutting of trees breaks the continuity of natural ecological processes.
Scientists are sounding the alarm – this is the last moment to preserve the primeval character of the forest.

They add, that nearly 30% of the Polish landscape is covered by economic forests, planted and grown for the sole purpose of producing furniture and household products. Stretch from the Białowieża Forest, constitutes only 0.3% of more than 30 million cubic metres obtained per year in the country wood. There’s no need to cut trees down in the wilderness which is worth a real fortune compared with the profit from the sale of wood.


Greenepace Poland, notes that, as declared last year by former Minister for the Environment and the General Director of State Forests, reduction of the Bialowieza Forest harvested timber, has not been achieved.
Therefore, Greenpeace is organising the collection of signatures for a petition to reject the 10-year forest management plan which predicts an annual felling of trees of over 100 thousand cubic metres. Once completed, the petition aims to reach the newly appointed environment minister, Marcin Korolec.

Please follow this link to sign the petition and help to save the Białowieża Forest!

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About The Author: Joanna

Green Directory Representative and Contributor at Greenfudge. org. Hi! I grew up in the North-East of Poland, in the heart of Europe's last remaining primeval forest. This inspired me to feel inseparable from nature. Apart from being an environmentalist and animal lover, I am also a conductor, singer, composer and lyricist. I train Taekwon-do ITF and learn Chinese (Mandarin). Follow the links below to discover my music! I am currently working on my album and writing a novel. You are welcome to write me with any questions about the GreenFudge site! :) Twitter @amatajo


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