photo by weesam2010 (Flickr CC)

According to a UN report an increase in global temperatures puts up to 1/3 of all Earth’s animals at risk of extinction.

The gorillas of Rwanda’s Virunga Mountains in central Africa are already at risk from rising temperatures. Changes in rainfall and hotter weather mean the vegetation the gorillas depend on changes growth patterns, moving up the mountain into higher altitudes.

The gorillas provide Rwanda with tourist revenue and the rainfall in the Virunga Mountains feeds rivers and provides hydro electricity for the already poor and vulnerable African nation.

From Reuters:

Many ecosystems have already been stressed by increasing population, historical and recent deforestation, unsustainable management practices and even invasive species.

­–Eduardo Rojas-Briales, assistant director general, FAO forestry department

For more on climate change and Rwanda’s gorillas watch this 7-minute video report from Deutsche Welle and the below report from Reuters.