Image capture from Youtube video

Apart from being a really cool video that shows you quite clearly how massive the amount of carbon dioxide trapped under the permafrost is, this video should be an eye-opener for anyone concerned about climate change.

As cool as it may be to see the gasses trapped under the permafrost burning up; the sad thing is this is happening at an extremely high rate all over lakes and ice packs in the frozen Arctic ground. According to Katey Walter Anthony (the scientist playing with greenhouse gasses and fire in the video) the amount of greenhouse gasses that will emerge from the permafrost in the coming decades is likely to be 10 times higher than the current amount of those gasses in the atmosphere today.

I really wanted to share this video with you guys, as pictures sometimes speak more than a thousand words. Please pass it on and think about it. This massive amount of greenhouse gases IS seeping into the Earth’s atmosphere, like a silent cancer, and WILL most likely accelerate and amplify the already devastating effects of global warming.

For a full coverage of this issue you can also check out this thorough article on the subject: “Study: Thawing permafrost will worsen global warming” on the USA Today website.