I can’t wait to have solar panels installed on my roof. When I think of electricity, the continuous rising price of it and the traditional, sometimes really dirty way it’s being produced I feel guilty when I turn on the lights. But when I think of the possibility of creating my own electricity, using the sun’s power, I just know it’s the right thing to do.


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Electricity and gas prices are on the rise. In the UK, although prices are usually (hum) adjusted once a year, the 6 big energy companies already increased their tariffs twice this year, pushing the price of electricity up by at least 10% and in some cases up to 19%!

Of course, as long as we stay energy dependant from these companies, there is really not much we can do but accept whatever changes and price increases they force upon us. But becoming energy independent (at least partly) comes at a cost too, at least it used to. Solar panels, in all fairness, are not for free. And although the return on investment is quiet short (you can get your investment back in a few years) a lot of us are still tentative to make the change. With HomeSun’s Free Solar and SolarShare programs however there is really no excuse not to.

I like HomeSun. It’s a different kind of Solar PV company. Their vision is to make home renewable and sustainable energy commonplace, starting with Solar PV. By using their commitment and business ingenuity they aim to break down barriers of price and confusing complexity, and to make it easy for homes to generate their own energy. Energy that is clean, that saves people money, improves their homes’ value and cuts carbon emission.

The cool thing about HomeSun is that they understand that not everyone can afford solar panels. So they have developed two services where UK residents can either get completely free solar panels installed (if your roof is eligible – you can check that here) or participate in the SolarShare program where for a one-off fee of £500 (about €580) HomeSun will install solar panels on your roof and maintain them for 25 years!

By installing solar panels on your roof you can save money, cutting your electricity bill by as much as one third, depending on how you use electricity. And you can do it completely free by working together with HomeSun. So really, if I haven’t convinced you yet, you have to check out their website and see for yourself.

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