image credit: Internews Network (Flickr CC)

I love watching celebrities curse. It’s such a guilty pleasure. Having grown up in the 80s in the USA – without HBO or Showtime – upon moving to the UK I reveled in the obscenities thrown around on British television with self-indulgent abandon. And I still do.

That’s right – give me an f-, s- or even dreaded c-word over a ‘gosh-darn’ any day. If you don’t like it, f-you.

Seriously though, as puerile as it sounds, Jessica Alba and Bono swearing in a YouTube video while the Stooges’ ‘Now I Wanna Be Your Dog’ blasts in the background is pretty cool and attention-getting. The cause, which desperately needs this attention, is the ongoing food and famine crisis in the horn of Africa.

750,000 could die of famine in Somalia alone over the next few months.

Sign the ONE petition to demand that world leaders of industrialized, wealthy countries keep their promises to combat this human tragedy.

The US version of the video spot has more American celebs, like supposedly Left wing media tycoon Arianna Huffington.

There’s even a French version in which they don’t even try to use the clever f-word, censured out, euphemistic double take ‘famine’ thingy. They just come right out swearing ‘putain’. French celebrities don’t f-around. Even a couple of francophone Scottish celebs, Annie Lennox and Ewan McGregor, get in on the action. Bono sounds like he doesn’t know what the f- he’s saying, though.

Still, ‘putain’ isn’t that great a swear word. English four-letter words rule and everyone knows it.

Check out the international version below, also featuring K’Naan, Clive Owen, Liya Kebede, George Clooney, Idris Elba, Colin Farrell, Bill Nighy and my favorite 90s supermodel Christy Turlington.

Help fight the famine in Somalia.