A lot of effort, expense and time can go into planning a business event, whether it’s a large corporate affair or a small to medium business event. Travel expenses, display banners, promotional gifts and catering can all add up financially, but they can also be a major source of carbon emissions. In 2009, heating and lighting of venues, transport to and from events and promotional materials to name a few were responsible for emitting 60,000 tons of CO2 in the UK alone. However, with careful organisation and planning this could be reduced significantly.

  • Reduce unnecessary transport.  If possible arrange for a coach to take the majority of staff to the event to reduce the need for taking individual cars. Better still, try and arrange local events which are close to where the participants live or choose a location where there are great public transport links.
  • Ideally arrange accommodation for your guests and staff onsite at the venue or within walking distance to cut down on unnecessary car journeys.
  • Choose environmentally friendly promotional material. Instead of giving out realms and realms of badges, balloons and plastic bags that just get thrown away, why not give out pens and pencils made of recycled materials or reusable canvas tote bags printed with the company logo. There are many green companies that specialise in sustainable eco-friendly corporate gifts that are both stylish and functional.
  • Use local suppliers where possible.  Negotiate deals on local organic produce for food and drink and if possible avoid disposable cutlery, plates and cups. This may not be practical for large scale events but if necessary make sure you use recyclable materials, making sure you provide plenty of clearly designated areas for your guests to recycle their used plates and cups.
  • Use re-usable or recyclable banner display and exhibition stands from an ISO14001 certified company. This will mean that they meet a high level of environmental standards and be committed to driving down their carbon footprint.

Check out this infographic for more about Exhibition CO2 emissions

Image courtesy of Marley Haley