photo by Christian Roberts (Cj Roberts on Flickr CC)

Four miners are trapped in a flooded coal mine in Gleision, near Swansea in Wales, UK.

A local councillor from Wales is quoted in the Guardian:

This is the first mining disaster I have known for many years. There are not many collieries left like there used to be. However, it is a very worrying situation and it has shocked a lot of people.

Though such an incident may grab headlines in the UK, coal mining accidents and deaths are a frequent occurrence in China, though mining-related deaths have fallen in that country in recent years.

From China Daily:

According to earlier Xinhua reports, citing safety and mine officials, 4,746 people died in mine accidents in 2006; 3,786 in 2007; 3,214 in 2008 and 2,631 in 2009.

We hope emergency services in Wales are completely successful with their rescue efforts and the trapped miners emerge safe and healthy from their ordeal.

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