Nick De Wannemaeker (Belgian windsurfing champion, O’Neill rider) – Image courtesy of

Nick de Wannemaeker, Belgian windsurfing champion and O’Neill rider who – I’m very proud to say – is my cousin (well actually my husband’s cousin but who’s counting), stars in a dark, epic surf movie highlighting the ecological disasters at hand if we don’t evaluate and change our approach to and relationship with nature.

The movie called Planet Blow is a small independent film, produced and directed by Sylvain Demercastel (artist, musician, director and also an O’Neill rider), about the adventures of a group of riders (surfing, windsurfing and kitesurfing) who, in their quest for surfing excitement and idyllic spots around the world, become aware of the ecological disasters faced by our planet.

This epic film, filled with flash backs, narration and scary views into a suffocating eco-dead future where there is little left of nature, is a shocking, ecological science fiction approach to the problem of climate change. The purpose of Demercastel is to open our eyes to the magnitude of the ecological disaster to come if we don’t take control and change our destroying habits towards nature.

Planet Blow takes us to the dark side. Following the trail of 4 riders in search of the perfect wave, the perfect wind and the perfect beach we discover idyllic locations in California, New York, Costa Rica, Morocco, the Philippines and Indonesia. With the unfolding of the story line however, the narrator sucks us into a dark future where the idyllic spots of the past have made way for a dark, depressing, close to unnatural future.

Although complex and difficult to grasp at times, this movie is worth seeing. The underlying environmental message is strong and tends to kick you in the teeth. For that alone everyone should appreciate it. And for the surf fans out there, the amazing surfing footage, the fantastic locations (who luckily still exist today!) and the guest appearance of Jack O’Neill playing himself really make this movie a must-see.

The trailer of the movie and lots of pictures of my cousin Nick :) can be found on the official Planet Blow website:

Nick’s blog filled with videos of his amazing windsurfing skills can be found here:

The Planet Blow DVD is available for purchase through An illustrated book by Julian Schlosser, Maxime Houyvet and Sylvain Demercastel is also available. The book is filled with beautiful pictures of a new kind of vision on the sport of surfing and our planet. One that in essence relates us to and shows us the unspoken bond that exists between mankind and nature.