recycling sculpture in Australia; photo by Tama Leaver (Flickr CC)

Around the world, ambitious artists are creating sculptures out of disused materials.

In Denizli Provence, Turkey, University students from 12 countries are constructing a sculpture of the ancient city of Hierapolis and the Pamukkale travertine (the natural carbonate terraces the city sits atop) out of 40,000 recycled plastic bottles.

The students have so far collected 30,000 plastic bottles for the sculpture project, with the hope of raising awareness about the environment and recycling in Turkey.


As part of the project “From Waste to Art” developed by the European Youth Association and supported by the Denizli Municipality and Denizli Municipal Assembly, students have started working on the statue at Denizli’s Pamukkale University under the coordination of university lecturer Feryal Beykal Orhun.

–Anatolia News Agency

Read more about that project here.

An outdoor picnic table surrounded by chairs fashioned from old toilets filled in with concrete isn’t exactly what you’d expect to find in a park in the Islamic Republic or Iran. But what I don’t know about Iran could fill a small server in Silicon Valley.

In Lavasan, northern Tehran, Iranian artist Nasser Vaziri has created a 1,000 square meter sculpture garden out of recycled materials. The result is Iran’s first open-air museum.

The museum is dedicated to the culture of Iran and blends together the country’s history, modern art and environmental appreciation.

–Al Jazeera English

Check out the video report below.

Meanwhile in London, authorities are searching for a bit of historic recycled art that was stolen from the Barbican in May. Read more about this unfortunate bit of “high art looting” in the Evening Standard.