Everything starts right here right now

– so get ready for more gripping dystopian teenage fiction from Saci Lloyd, author of the breakout novels The Carbon Diaries 2015 and 2017.

Here is a sneak peak at Saci’s epic new novel Momentum, in the form of a video trailer. Momentum’s got free running/parkour, environmental and social crises, young love and the deft mix of humor, adventure and prescience that so impressed reviewers of Lloyd’s previous work.

Check out the blurb and the vid.

London, the near future. Energy wars are flaring across the globe – oil prices have gone crazy, regular power cuts are a daily occurrence. The cruel Kossak soldiers prowl the streets, keeping the Outsiders – the poor, the disenfranchised – in check. Hunter is a Citizen: one of the privileged of society, but with his passion for free running and his rebel friend Leo he cannot help but be fascinated by the Outsiders. So when he meets Outsider Uma, he is quickly drawn into their world – and into an electrifying and dangerous race to protect everything they hold dear.

Momentum will be available in the UK June 2nd from Hoddler.

Also have a look at the Facebook page (with links) to the seriously humorous podcast by Saci and yours truly: El Pod of Cast and Saci’s homepage sacilloyd.com.