photo by Nan Palmero (Flickr CC)

Hawaii’s Kilauea, one of the world’s most famous and most active of volcanoes, is erupting again in impressive fashion, shooting lava 80 ft (25m) into the air after collapsing a large crater.

No homes have been threatened but the area surrounding the volcanic eruption has been closed off to visitors. Officials in Hawaii warn that an even larger eruption may be in store.

Furthermore, according a report by Reuters the US Geological Survey recorded 150 small earthquakes that occurred along with the eruption. A 490-meter fissure also opened up on the eastern side of the volcano, shooting lava some 20 meters into the air.

Kilauea, located on the big island of Hawaii, is a shield volcano, so it doesn’t have a massive cone, but instead a broad-reaching base. The volcano has been in a constant state of eruption since in 1983, but splattering lava comes rarely, only every few years.

–Time Magazine

Read more on the story in Time and check out the following video report from ITN News and below that, raw footage of the eruption from the Guardian: