photo by Ville Oksanen (villoks on Flickr CC)

Finland’s Environment Ministry has come up with an innovative project, which pairs businesses and local govenments in order to cut greenhouse gases. It’s called Finnish Carbon Neutral Municipalities or CANEMU.

CANEMU is a carbon reduction experiment on the local level, with the municipalities implementing 70 measures for increased energy efficiency and investment in the environment. The project, which began in 2008, is already being hailed as a success, with a further additional 60 measures planned for the future.

Five municipalities committed themselves to becoming living laboratories, to find ways to cut emissions beyond European Union mandated levels ahead of schedule and in an economically sustainable way. All five have committed to decreasing greenhouse gas emissions by 80 percent from the 2007 level before 2030.

–Deutsche Welle

The municipalities are as follows: Mynämäki,

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