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Yesterday, as part of the World Day Against the Use of Fur actions, AnimaNaturalis activists paraded wearing fur and with fake blood dripping down their chins to protest against the use of animal furs and leather for clothing. The protest was held outside a prestigious shopping center in Mexico City, not shy of shops selling fur.

Winter is the heyday for the fur industry. Every year this industry generated massive profits from the death of millions of furry animals like seals, minks, foxes, otters, chinchillas, bobcats and many others. The animals are either hunted down in the wild or bred to satisfy the need for fur of this cruel industry. When bred the living conditions of they animals are terrible. They are forced into tiny, overcrowded cages leaving them in a constant state of stress and trauma before being killed cruelly using excruciating methods. And in this the killed ones are the lucky souls, as many animals are just being skinned alive.

Yesterday’s protest by AnimaNaturalis wants to raise awareness about the animal cruelty surrounding the fur and leather industry and promote the use of cruelty-free clothing and accessories made by natural and synthetic fibers.

AnimaNaturalis is an international non-profit animal rights organization striving for animal liberation. It was founded in March of 2003. The group has offices in some Latin American countries and Spain. The main preoccupations of AnimaNaturalis are vegetarianism, putting an end to animal testing and other cruelties against animals (including killing animals for their skin or fur, using animals for entertainment purposes and mistreating animals or pets in general).

A lot of pictures of protests and actions by AnimaNaturalis are available online on Flickr. Be careful though, some of the images are very explicit and not for the faint of heart.