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It’s been in the news for weeks, polls flying around our ears, so much even that I started wondering if Democrats would vote Republican after such a heavy media brainwash fest. But today I will know. We will all know if President Obama has lost the House of Representatives to the Republicans.

In a way I kind of like mid-term elections. To us Europeans it’s a very strange concept, switching gears in the middle of a 4-year term. But as strange as is sounds; it looks pretty democratic to me, at least at first glance. But when I look again, and especially when I take a much longer and closer look, I have to admit I’m pretty certain democracy can’t prevail in a society that is so heavily sedated by the media.

I hear that the Republican leaders are already getting ready to investigate President Obama’s environmental agenda, from the smallest green issue, over climate science and even the Democratic responsibility in reaction to the BP oil spill from earlier this year. No wonder of course, when you consider that only a mere 16% of Republicans believe global warming is a result of human activity, while 53% of Democrats are certain of it.

One of the main Republican targets will most certainly be the EPA, considering Republicans are usually against government regulations and too much governance in general, and are already accusing the EPA of wasting taxpayers money and pushing the unemployment figures up in the agency’s effort to regulate carbon emissions.

So you see, a lot is at stake today. If the Republicans outnumber the Democrats after today’s mid-term elections, the green movement might take a big blow to the head and together with it a green ice age might start, a long period of climate change denial, democratic regression, questioning of basic science and costly investigation.

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