photo by EFE/Gyoergy Varga (Globovisión, Flickr CC)

Today Hungary’s toxic sludge leak reached the Danube, Europe’s second longest river, possibly threatening Serbia, Croatia and Romania, though officials believe PH levels in the Danube are now safe.

On Monday a reservoir at an aluminum plant broke, releasing torrents of poisonous red sludge into an area 160 km west of the Hungarian capital of Budapest, killing 4 people, injuring 120 and prompting the evacuation of 250 residents.

According to a CNN report the reservoir has since been repaired and the leak of halted, yet the sludge already leaked into the area still poses a danger.

The spill has been declared an “ecological tragedy” by Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban.

Though no immediate danger has been observed in the Danube, PH levels in the Raba River are still dangerous and the Marcal River, a tributary of the Danube near the aluminum plant and into which the sludge initially entered, has been ecologically devastated by the spill.

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