Floods are taking the world by storm lately–literally. We have them in the US, they’re happening over in Asia and Europe, and all of them are claiming lives. This latest report focuses on the area of West Papua, Indonesia, where at least 56 people were killed by flooding.

Dozens of others are still missing and over 60 people were injured, many with broken bones and most needing to be life-flighted (transported via helicopter) to medical services.

In addition to the dead and wounded, hundreds of homes were destroyed, 30 of which were completely flattened by the storm. Schools, hospitals and a hotel were also damaged, along with roads and bridges. Add to that power outages and downed phone lines, and you have one big mess on your hands. The only good news at this point is police and the military are on their way with tents, food and medical supplies.

More will be posted as updates happen.