Toxics in, toxics out.

Once again, Annie Leonard asks important questions about things that most people may not even consider, but are nonetheless important to the safety and wellbeing of every single one of us.

Leonard, who brought us the informative films The Story of Stuff, The Story of Bottled Water and The Story of Cap and Trade, also explores the issue of toxic chemicals present in many common personal care products in her latest work, entitled The Story of Cosmetics.

If you’ve ever wondered what those chemicals with long names in your shampoo, lipstick or deodorant, are and what health risks they might have, you are not alone. Of course, most people tend to trust that cosmetic companies aren’t going to put poisonous or dangerous ingredients into their products. That would be bad business, right? Maybe not.

As with her other films, Leonard doesn’t present herself as an authority on cosmetic ingredients, but rather as an interested consumer and concerned parent. She communicates clearly and asks the questions we should all be asking: Is this stuff safe and if it isn’t, then why is it being sold by the bazillions to blissfully unaware shoppers who just want to get clean and look good without poisoning themselves?

Check out The Story of Cosmetics below:

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