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The aborted 10:10 campaign film ‘No Pressure’ has elicited a lot of hate, anger – or at least pretend outrage – because of its questionable attempt at satire. Meanwhile, some actual, dangerous behavior is happening off the UK coast, near the Shetland Islands, in the form of deep sea oil drilling.

Where is the outrage and vitriol about that?

The Gulf of Mexico recently got fouled and workers died – actual people rather than pretend characters in a short film. Billions of dollars in livelihoods, an ecological catastrophe, blah blah blah… What? Oh yeah sure, go ahead and ‘drill baby drill’ again off of Greenland and Scotland. We need oil, have no choice, yada yada… just please stop building those ugly wind turbines. They spoil our nice views.

Without waiting to learn the lessons from the Gulf of Mexico and without waiting for public and expert opinion, Huhne [UK government Secretary of State for Energy and Climate Change] has made the bizarre decision that there is a low risk of harm from Chevron’s deep-sea drilling and there is no need for an environmental assessment of its affects.

–John Sauven, Greenpeace executive director

The UK’s ‘greenest government ever’ is really starting to take the piss. I bet they even laugh at that ironic moniker themselves. Maybe it was satirical – like the No Pressure film. Again, not as controversial or offensive, however. For that they would need to make a film where Cameron and Clegg pretend throw a bag of seal pups into a biomass generator, which fuels the actual drilling ship in the North Sea, all the while laughing maniacally.

Read more on the story in the following article from Guardian:

Chevron to begin deepwater drilling off UK coast

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