Photo by Adam Stanhope (astanhope on Flickr CC)

A tidal bore is when waves of water rush through a narrow passage against the natural current of a body of water. Tidal bores are actually tidal waves, which are often mistakenly confused with tsunamis.

Sometimes the phenomena of seawater being funneled through a river mouth can be quite spectacular, such as the annual tidal bore in China’s Qiantang River.

From ITN News:

Each year, just after the mid-Autumn festival, when the moon is at its fullest, a huge waves rolls along the wide mouth of the Qiantang near Hangzhou in China’s eastern Zhejiang province.

Watch this dramatic video footage of a tidal bore at the mouth of the Qiantang River in China via ITN (its even got mannequins being knocked over by giant waves):

For more on the story see the following article from New Zealand’s 3 News:

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