Did you know that by making simple changes to a greener lifestyle, you could save hundreds—or even thousands—of dollars per year? From holiday gift wrapping to house cleaning and work transportation, you’d be amazed at the savings that can pile up, simply from going green!

Despite the problems the environment faces and the ever-growing trend of “going green”, there are people out there who still only think of themselves. They don’t care about changing their life to help the planet; they’d rather change the planet to help themselves. Fortunately, there are ways to help both–without harming the planet. So, if you know someone who is very stubborn or skeptical about switching to a greener lifestyle, you might want to pass this information on to them as (yet another) incentive.

Here’s a sample list to give you an idea of how going green can help you save money:

Image Source: Stock.Xchng. By: Truebadour.

• Riding a bike to school with your kids, rather than driving them, could save you $220 per year.

• Making home-made cleaning products from kitchen ingredients (like salt, vinegar, or lemon), rather than buying cleaning products from the store, could save you $200 per year.

• Eating leftovers for your meals, rather than cooking a new meal every night or going to a restaurant, could save you at least $520 per year.

• Investing in hand-me-downs or secondhand clothing from a thrift store or consignment shop, rather than buying new clothes from a department store, could save you $250 or more per year.

• Joining a carpool or rideshare program for work transportation, rather than driving yourself, could save you $1000 per year!

Making those switches alone could save you a total of $2190 per year. That’s some pretty sweet savings already—and it’s not even the full list! If you’re wondering where the list came from, well, I’ll tell you.

These awesome little tidbits are from Shift Your Habit.

A few weeks ago, I was at the library, looking for some books on green living, when I stumbled upon this book that’s filled with tons of ways to go green and save money while doing it. In most cases, books or websites will tell you how you can go green, or even why you should, but they never really tell you what it will cost you or what you will save in the process.

For example, borrowing books from the library instead of buying them from the store could save me up to $200 per year. And if I grow my own organic vegetables instead of buying them from a store (or even a farmer’s market), I could save up to $800 per year.

It’s really nice to have an idea of the numbers when it comes to switching to a greener lifestyle. With a few thousand dollars in savings, you could make even bigger switches, like adding a renewable energy system to your home or trading in your gas-guzzling car for an EV (or even a bicycle!).

Now, I am aware that this book might not be in your local library, or even a bookstore, but have no fear! Shift Your Habit is also a website. You can check out tons of awesome articles and green saving tips at ShiftYourHabit.com. Head over to the site now and find out how shifting YOUR habits can save you money and ultimately, save the world.