In case you haven’t heard yet, this weekend is Clean Up The World Weekend!

What is Clean Up The World Weekend? Simply put, it’s a weekend set aside for people to help clean up our world. More specifically, it’s a weekend for people to get together and clean up all the trash in our world. You can clean up the trash on a city block, in a park, at the beach, in a forest, in a parking lot, or anywhere else you can think of.

Once collected, or even while collecting, be sure to separate the recyclables from actual trash. If any of the items are in good enough condition, you could always use them for craft projects or find other ways to reuse and repurpose them.

In addition to the clean up portion of the weekend, cities around the world are holding events and activities to get people involved. This could range from tree planting, to guest speakers, to educational programs, and more.

To find out more about the big event and if there are any activities happening in your area, check out the official site here!

I will be cleaning up local hiking trails, parks and creeks. What will YOU be doing this weekend?