Twitter wants to make a change and yesterday marked the beginning of that change.

Between September 15th and 25th, you can take part in the big TwitChange auction event. Users get to bid on their favorite celebrities. Winners of the auction will be followed by their celebrity choice, have a tweet of theirs retweeted by the celebrity, and may even be mentioned by the celebrity in their own special tweet!

Oh yes, and there is more. Different celebrities are also offering some extra goodies to their winning package, though you’ll have to check their personal twitter pages to find out about the extra deals. Neil Gaiman, for example, will not only follow winner and retweet one (or possibly more) of their tweets, but he will also personally call them and read them a poem or short story over the phone!

The auction is being held on eBay and celebrity participants include: Eva Longoria, George Lopez, Mario Lopez, The Jonas Brothers, Alyssa Milano, Jessica Alba, Alicia Keys, Omar Epps, Shaquille O’Neil, Demi Moore, Simon Pegg, and a huge list of others!

If you’re wondering where all the money goes, well, it is going towards In particular, it is funding the Miriam Center building project, which will provide housing, education and more to children with medical trouble, or those who became orphaned since the earthquake earlier this year. If you don’t feel like participating in the auction, you can simply make a donation through the A Home in Haiti website.