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The UK’s top business lobby group CBI released a major report on Monday regarding climate change.

The report stressed that both the British government and climate scientists need to improve their communication skills if they want businesses to adapt to a changing climate and that businesses themselves should include ‘climate risks’ as part of their corporate reports.

From a report in the Guardian:

In particular, the report recommends that the existing UK Climate Projections should be repackaged so that they can be easily understood by non-climate specialists and that the government’s upcoming Climate Change Risk Assessment should feature specific recommendations on how regulated sectors need to adapt to climate change.

According to an article in the Financial Times, climate risks that UK businesses need to prepare for include increased flooding, higher temperatures – which might affect electrical substations – as well as issues with water and food supplies.

In related news, UK Environment Secretary Caroline Spelman made her first speech on climate change since taking office. Spelman warned that climate change is now ‘inevitable’ and focused on climate adaptation, rather than mitigation.

It is vital that we carry on working to drastically cut our greenhouse gas emissions to stop the problem getting any worse, but we are already stuck with some unavoidable climate change. Because of this, we need to prepare for the best and worst cases which a changing climate will entail for our country.

–Caroline Spelman

Is the Environment Secretary just being realistic or is her paradigm shift designed to give support the sweeping Tory-Lib Dem spending cuts?

For more on this story see the following piece in the Telegraph:

Climate change is inevitable, says Caroline Spelman

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