photo credit: Caja Mediterráneo (Flickr CC)

Two freshwater dolphins were recently rescued from a Bolivian river after being trapped there for months due to low water levels.

The smallish dolphins weigh between 30 and 40 kilos (66-88 pounds) each and were among a group of nine river dolphins which have been stranded in a Rio Grande tributary for over a month. The rescue operation is ongoing.

From an Associated Press report:

The two dolphins were caught in nets and brought to shore. They were put in padded, water-filled aluminum containers and driven on all-terrain vehicles about two miles downstream, where they were put in a pen in deeper water.

The low water levels in the river are the result of a drought in Bolivia that has resulted in a massive plague of forest fires.

According to the FAO, Bolivia is also threatened by food crisis, resulting from climate change.

From a CRI English report:

FAO coordinator Einstein Tejada said one fifth of Bolivia’s territory now suffer from the effects of climate change, causing food prices to rise.

Check out this ITN News video report on the river dolphin rescue in Bolivia – they’re very cute!

Dolphins rescued from low level river in Bolivia


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