photo by thewritingzone (Flickr Creative Commons)

The ‘greenest government ever’ is at it again.

The UK’s coalition government headed by Prime Minister David Cameron and Deputy PM Nick Clegg has been cutting a lot of green programs and departments in the name of efficiency and belt-tightening.

Now they are shelving one of their own environmental plans to regulate coal and gas power plants, a measure they claimed could be implemented upon taking office.

From a report in the Guardian:

Introducing a so-called “environmental performance standard” (EPS) for power companies would have restricted greenhouse gas emissions from coal and gas plants and encouraged companies wishing to build to use more efficient technology.

While in opposition, both Cameron and Clegg campaigned for an EPS and included it in their coalition deal.

From an article in the Telegraph:

Both Lib Dem and Conservative MPs voted for the introduction of such a measure just a few months ago, and if they U-turn on this and fail to put this measure into their new energy law, how can they claim to be the greenest government ever?

–Joss Garman, Greenpeace energy campaigner