flooding from the Danube in Romania, photo by cod_gabriel (Flickr Creative Commons)

From Australia to China to Pakistan to Russia and central Europe, this summer has so far been characterized by extreme weather events such as torrential rains, flooding, drought and wildfires.

In the following video report by ITN News, climate scientist Thomas R. Karl explains how the current extreme weather events across the globe are linked and most likely connected to human activity. Karl is the head of the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration’s (NOAA) Climate Services office in Washington DC.

From an article by the Associated Press:

Russia and central Asia this year happen to be the epicentres of very warm conditions this summer. To accompany those warm conditions, we’re seeing very heavy precipitation in the monsoon areas in Pakistan. These events are not disconnected. The climate system is connected.

–Thomas R. Karl

The ITN video also shows footage of the storms and flooding in China, Pakistan and Australia, as well as the wildfires in Russia.

Climate expert explains extreme global weather