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The latest figures from Xinhua News put the death toll due to massive floods in Pakistan at 900. A further one million people are homeless as a result of the recent monsoon rains.

The deluge has destroyed schools, homes, hospitals, roads, railroads and other infrastructure, causing billions of euros in damage. Rescue teams including the Pakistani military, along with civil government groups, are working around the clock to save the more than one million who remain stranded, but manpower and facilities are insufficient and international help is urgently needed.

Pakistan’s National Disaster Management Authority (NDMA) has requested United Nations and international community for the urgent help in the country’s worst flood for last 81 years which is now hitting the Western, Southern and eastern provinces of the country,local televisions reported.

–Xinhua News

Those stranded face food, water and medicine shortages, along with other dangers posed by the floods.

Afghanistan is also struggling to cope with heavy flooding.

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