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Did you ever have (or want) a tree house when you were a kid? If so, then you might be interested in new accommodations available in Sweden.

Located in the village of Harads (about 60 km south of the Arctic Circle), the Treehotel offers some rather unique and eco-friendly lodgings for the world traveler, or locals wanting to get away for a while. There are 6 rooms available, each with a different design and theme; plus a tree sauna—making this the first tree hotel in the world to have a sauna.

The designs include a giant bird’s nest, a mirror cube, and a ufo. The mirrorcube tree house is particularly interesting because it’s designed to render the lodging practically invisible in the trees, but the mirror/glass panes are covered with an infrared film visible to birds, thus preventing any accidents or crashes.

In addition to the unique lodgings, the Treehotel offers a variety of year-round activities, including hiking, horseback riding, kayaking, snowshoes, sleigh rides, and more!

To find out more about the hotel and book your reservation now, check out the site here.