photo by Mr eNil (Flickr Creative Commons)

A plan to kill off some 1,500 badgers in the north Pembrokeshire area of Wales via trapping and shooting has been reversed by a Welsh appeals court.

Many farmers and government ministers in Wales, concerned that bovine tuberculosis (TB) is being spread to cattle via badgers, supported the cull.

On Tuesday animal welfare advocates, including the RSPCA and UK charity the Badger Trust, successfully appealed an earlier decision to allow the cull.

From to a BBC News report:

The appeal court made its decision on Tuesday after the Badger Trust appealed against the cull, questioning its effectiveness.

Queen guitarist Brian May leant a strong and informed celebrity voice against the proposed cull in a piece for the Guardian on Monday.

On Wednesday the BBC reported that Wales’ Rural Affairs Minister would not appeal the courts decision to stop the cull.

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