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Stream Lloyd & Land’s new podcast ‘The Gods of Travel’ below or go to the opensource site to download the mp3, AAC or Ogg Vorbis formats for easy listening on your iPod, iPhone or cheap Chinese clone by clicking on the below link.

The Gods of Travel

Author Saci Lloyd chats with Graham Land about her trip to Egypt; extended by the furious Icelandic volcano Eyjafjallajökull. Let Saci and Graham be your rough guides to a galaxy not so far away, featuring clapped out camels, batik-clad tourists and carbon emissions that vanish in the night.

You can also listen to the podcast on YouTube, linked and embedded below:

Gods of Travel

Saci Lloyd & Graham Land podcast. Ah, Egypt the motherland, smug tourists, Mint airlines… and the volcano that threatened to ruin the party. A holiday to remember.

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Saci Lloyd

About The Author: Graham Land

Greenfudge editor and London-based writer Graham Land grew up in the suburbs of Washington, DC, where he was part of the local hardcore punk scene, playing in several bands. Through this musical movement he became involved in grass roots interests such as anti-racist activism, animal rights and Ecology. In 2000 he relocated to Europe, eventually earning an MA from Malmö University in Sweden. He has also lived in Japan, Ireland, Portugal and Greece.


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