They say things always happen in three’s. So far, we’ve had a flood tear through Arkansas and also one through Oklahoma. I can only imagine where the next one will be, but here are some updates on the first two:

The Arkansas death toll rose to 20 flood victims as rescuers found the body of a young girl. Search teams were not sure if the girl was the same as one reported missing by her family, so they must wait until her identity is confirmed by DNA or dental records before they make any further announcements. In addition to the young girl, the death toll includes seven children, age 7 or younger. The search still continues for other missing persons.

Oklahoma City was slammed by flood waters on Monday, as a rain storm dropped up to 10 inches across the community. Nearly 6,700 homes and businesses lost power and many commuters were stranded. No injuries or deaths have been reported, though many people had to be rescued from stalled cars or their homes. Some firefighters also had to cling to treetops and white waiting to be rescued, while others took to their innertubes and simply floated around the area.

More updates will be posted as they happen.