If you like your environmental news to be short, sparkly and easily digestible, then check out Planet 100 from Discovery’s planet green. It’s not exactly hard-hitting, deep or analytical, but it certainly caters to a short attention span, is humorous and the host – Sarah Backhouse, an experienced environmental journalist – is, well… not exactly hard on the eyes. Anyway, it’s only 100 seconds and packs a surprising amount into that limited span of time. Perfect for the post-MTV Nintendo generation.

Check out the below video, which explains the Great Pacific Garbage Patch, to see what I mean. Well-done and pretty informative for 100 seconds, I’m sure you’ll agree.

Why do cute web-based news shows always have pretty young female hosts with Australasian accents, anyway?

Planet 100: The Pacific Trash Vortex Explained

You’ve heard about it on the news. You’ve read about it in blogs. What exactly is the Pacific Trash Vortex? Planet 100 is here to give you the facts.

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