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Do you love to live green? Do you have anger issues? Do you have pent up frustrations that you need to unleash on someone or something? If you’ve answered yes to all these questions, then check this out.

Macro-Sea has come up with an awesome new concept, dubbed Glassphemy! It’s a “visceral and psychological recycling center”. I’m sure that doesn’t make sense, so I’ll explain, or rather, I’ll let them explain:

“We have built a 20-foot high, 30-foot long steel tower specifically designed to allow you to hurl glass bottles at your friends, enemies, and loved ones while they are safely tucked away behind bulletproof glass.”

Seems crazy, right? Well, that is part of the point of it. Those at Macro-Sea wanted to do something a bit more creative and thrilling with the whole “recycling and green thing”, while allowing people to work through emotional issues.

How, exactly, does breaking glass bottles fit in with recycling or green living? Well, the bottles will be collected from bars in Brooklyn. Once broken via Glassphemy!, the pieces will be used to make lights or pulverized for use as environmental fill. They are also planning to hold a contest sponsored by Readymade magazine that will open the project up to people with other unique recycling ideas.

To find out more, check out Macro-Sea’s Glassphemy! website here.

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