Image Source: Flickr. By: Phault.

The US is planning to build its first freshwater offshore wind farm and the location of choice is Lake Erie.

Many of you may think: “Aren’t they already planning to build an offshore wind farm near Cape Cod?”—well, yes, they are and technically that one would have been the first. However, the Lake Erie Energy Development Corp recently signed a deal to buy 5 of GE’s 4-megawatt offshore wind turbines; while the Cape Cod project is expected to be much larger (468-megawatt) and will most likely take longer to complete. These turbines will be used for an offshore wind farm on the Ohio portion of Lake Erie, making the order a first of many.

The plan is to have the 200-foot tall turbines up and running by 2012 and then expand that to a production capacity of 1,000 megawatts of electricity by 2020. Most likely, the wind farm will be located about 6 miles north of the Cleveland Browns stadium and within 3 to 5 miles offshore. The initial wind farm will be able to produce enough electricity to power up to 7,000 homes.

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