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Cyclone Aila hit Bangladesh one year ago on Monday, causing massive destruction, death and extreme floods. Gabura Island in the south of the country was almost totally submerged. Today, a full year later, conditions for many have not significantly improved.

From a report by AP:

As tropical storms go, the cyclone on May 25 last year was not the deadliest. About 300 people died in Bangladesh and eastern India, fewer than the 3,500 killed when Cyclone Sidr hit Bangladesh in 2007. But the destruction of 430 miles (700 kilometers) of coastline has left an estimated 100,000 people stranded, unable to return to their flooded homes and fields.

As with most natural disasters, it is the poorest who suffer most. Survivors of Cyclone Aila have virtually nothing and are clinging to the damaged embankments, which desperately need rebuilding, as Bangladesh’s monsoon season approaches.

The European Union, along with aid groups such as Oxfam and Care, are calling for the embankments’ swift repair, but international aid is needed and Bangladesh is struggling to cope with the daunting tasks of repair and humanitarian aid.

Check out the below video report from Al Jazeera English for more.

Bangladesh storm survivors suffer

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