photo by neil-san (source: Flickr Creative Commons)

A Sumatran tiger can fetch as much as $5,000 US in Indonesia. This is more than enough incentive for poachers to hunt and capture tigers; sometimes selling them on as pets or killing them in order to harvest their body parts. The body parts of Sumatran tigers are used as charms, to make religious artifacts and status symbols; and as ingredients in traditional Chinese medicine.

Other threatened species in Indonesia being illegally trafficked include the pangolin – a scaly anteater considered both a delicacy and a source of medicine in China – the slow loris; gibbons, and several birds of paradise.

From a report by Al Jazeera English:

The illegal wildlife trade is booming in Indonesia, threatening the country’s rich biodiversity and driving rare animal species to the brink of extinction. Despite raids on animal markets and homes, the trade continues to flourish, fuelled by domestic and international demand.

Check out the below video report from the Al Jazeera English program 101 East for more information. The video depicts cruel and disturbing treatment of animals.