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Keeping with Denmark’s progressively green lifestyle, one hotel is offering a rather unique deal to its guests.

Located 15 minutes from the center of Copenhagen, the Crowne Plaza Copenhagen Towers hotel is offering a free meal in exchange for electricity. How will this be done? Well, there will be two exercise bicycles installed at the hotel. These bikes will be connected to generators. Any guest is welcome to use these bikes; however, their use comes with a challenge. According to a statement from the hotel:

“Anyone producing 10 watt hours of electricity or more for the hotel will be given a locally produced complimentary meal encouraging guests to not only get fit but also reduce their carbon footprint and save electricity and money. Guests using the new electric bicycles will be able to monitor how much electricity they’re producing via iPhones mounted on the handle bars.”

The value of the meal—which includes any of the main courses on the hotel restaurant and lobby bar’s menus—is approximately 240 Danish crowns ($44 USD).

The challenge starts today and the idea will be tested for a year. If it goes well, there is a chance the plan will be added to more Crowne Plaza hotels in the future. Also, starting in June, guests will be able to race against the hotel’s solar panel system to see which can produce the most electricity.

So, if you’re planning on stopping by Copenhagen within the next year, be sure to book a stay at this hotel and take their bicycle challenge!*

*The challenge is available to hotel guests only; passersby or visitors cannot participate. You can check out the official press release here.