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Everywhere you go, you can find cigarette butts lying around somewhere. They’re on the sidewalk, on the streets, strewn across parking lots and even throughout parks, beaches, and our own backyards. It doesn’t matter if there’s a trash can or other cigarette disposal bin nearby, people flick them wherever they feel like it and it doesn’t do anyone any bit of good.

Fortunately, one company has come up with an interesting solution for this problem. Since it’s highly unlikely that we will see thousands (or millions) of people quit smoking cold turkey and also unlikely that they’ll stop carelessly flicking their cigarette butts anywhere they please, then the solution lies in changing the cigarette itself.

Green Butts has created a completely biodegradable, 100% environmentally friendly cigarette filter. The filter body is made from organic cotton and natural de-gummed hemp, while a mixture of wheat flour and water hold it all together. Oh, and it includes one other very special ingredient: seeds! That’s right: each of their filters contains a variety of seeds, including: grass, flower, fruit, herb, and tree seeds!

Now, they are quick to note that they do not condone littering, and suggest putting the used filters in your own garden or planter. However, the good news is at least if people use these particular filters, there are no toxic chemicals, and any flicked cigarette butts will quickly biodegrade and sprout little plants of some kind. This is certainly great news, considering that according to their website:

“It is estimated that 4.5 trillion cigarette butts become litter every year.”

That’s a lot of trash—and it can take a regular cigarette butt at least 15 years to biodegrade! The Green Butts filters are currently patent pending, but I wouldn’t be surprised if you see them on the market soon.