Image Source: Flickr. By: Stefan Gara.

It would seem some animals are not safe even in the places that are supposed to protect them.

Yesterday, Bantu Lukambo of the environmental group Innovation for Development and Environmental Protection, accused Congolese soldiers of killing animals in Virunga National Park. Lukambo believes it was done in February, while the soldiers were stationed in the area to fight rebels.

This particular park is home to a huge number of animals, including 200 of the world’s remaining 720 mountain gorillas. However, the animal killings have removed at least 7 hippos, 2 elephants, 2 chimpanzees and 4 baboons from their sacred homes.

Along with the killings, the soldiers were also accused of partaking in illegal fishing and logging activities. Fortunately, the army is at least doing something about it. According to Army Col. Philemon Yav, the army is investigating things and will punish anyone found guilty of poaching.

More updates will be posted as they occur.