Image Source: Flickr. By: Christopher Chan.

The world today faces two main problems: the economy and the environment. Some would suggest these 2 issues go hand-in-hand. Many have different ideas on how to deal with them. However, very few can agree on what should be done about them. Recently, I was sent a rather interesting video that gives some interesting ideas on how to deal with these very problems.

Promoted by The Wilderness Society, this particular video talks about how helping the environment will also help the economy. In particular, it focuses on creating a more “green economy”. Considering the path the world has been on in recent years, more people are taking notice of climate change, eco-friendly products, and the environment in general. You’ll see people switching from energy suppliers of the past to a more renewable source. Recycling bins are apt to fill up more quickly, while consumers keep a sharp eye out for organic or green-labeled products. Needless to say, the green lifestyle is rapidly growing and as such, more green jobs are becoming available.

What does all of this have to do with a video? Well, the video discusses how we (citizens, companies and governments) need to “eliminate wasteful spending” and “prioritize what must be done” to help the environment and economy”. One thing it suggests is to put a stop to tax breaks and other giveaways that are reaped by top polluting industries. According to their example given, “closing a loophole that lets big corporations write-off oil and gas production would save 13.3 billion dollars over 9 years”. Imagine what good that saved money could do for the environment and economy.

Another interesting thing about the video is the series of points it makes throughout it. For example, did you know that outdoor recreation (such as hiking, camping, skiing, etc.) contributes nearly $730 billion per year to the US economy and supports 6.5 million jobs nationwide? That’s quite a lot of environmental work available and the best part is there’s expected to be a rise in the number of such jobs available. How much of a rise? Well, according to a study by the International Labor Organization, it’s estimated that “8.4 million jobs will be created by 2030 in wind energy and solar panel production alone”. That’s only one small part of a potentially large green economy!

So, where do you fit into all of this? Well, if you’re interested in promoting a green economy, you can start by checking out Here, you will find information on a proposed green budget for 2011, a list of ways you can take action, and much more information. A vast number of groups are supporting this campaign, including: Greenpeace, WWF, The Wilderness Society, Friends of the Earth, The Sierra Club, and many more. It is definitely something worth checking out.