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If you are devoted to the green lifestyle and also have a canine companion, then you may be aware of all the eco-friendly pet products that are out these days. You’ll find dog beds, toys, shampoos, treats, and more. I’ve even found dog collars made from recycled plastic bottles. As always, there is one pet company that takes green living to a whole new level.

Sustainable Pet Designs creates a line of custom made Green Roof Animal Houses. They have barn houses for those who live on a farm, a gothic cathedral dog home for the religious types, and even one of former US President Andrew Jackson’s plantation. The homes do not come planted, but they do send drainage material, filter fabric and soil mix with the waterproofed homes. This way, you can pick and choose the plants you want to grow.

Oh, and there are also a couple birdhouses available, too. The birdhouses cost $120 (€ 88). As for the dog homes, expect to pay anywhere between $1,000 and $3,200 (€733 and €2,345) for these custom made designs. However, if you can’t afford such outrageous prices, you could always take the initiative to build your own green dog homes, too.


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