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Facebook made headlines recently when they opted to have their new data center powered by coal (supposedly because it was a cheaper way to go).

Anyone who has at least some knowledge of coal usage is aware that coal is an extreme pollutant. It’s the number one cause of global warming and it also has an extremely negative effect on human health. Fortunately, there are people who want to do something about this Facebook nonsense. is petitioning Facebook to stop using coal power and switch to a more renewable source. If you’re not familiar with the work of,  they are an awesome organization that fights issues (such as health care, education and global warming) by empowering others to take action. Petitions, movements and working for social change are all important parts of their work.

Currently, they are seeking 500 signatures for their Facebook petition; they have approximately 240 thus far. Click here to sign the petition. Also, pass this on to your friends and families. Oh, and if you really want to give Facebook a piece of your mind, you can also send an e-mail directly to the cheap, pollutant-supporting CEO himself, Mark Zuckerberg.