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Yet another shark attack happened this week.

While previously reported attacks happened near Cape Town and New Zealand, this one happened off the US coast, near Florida. The victim, Stephen Howard Schafer, 38, was kiteboarding off Florida’s Atlantic coast. He became the first person killed by a Florida shark attack after a 5 year period of no fatal attacks.

Lifeguard Daniel Lund, spotted Schafer from his lifeguard tower. Schafer was approximately 500 yards (457 m) from the beach, located about 100 miles (approximately 161 km) north of Miami. It took Lund 20 minutes to paddle out to Schafer, on a long surfboard. By the time Lund reached the scene, Schafer was bleeding and surrounded by several sharks. Schafer was hauled onto the surfboard and taken back to shore.

According to Lund, Schafer was conscious and talking while on the way back to shore. Unfortunately, he died at the hospital a short while later. Authorities are currently trying to figure out what type of sharks attacked Schafer and whether or not more than one was involved. Schafer’s fatal attack was the 14th deadly shark incident in Florida since 1896.

For more information on the attack, check out this article.


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