Image Source: Screen capture from Recyclart

Reduce, Reuse, and Recycle. We all know of the 3-R mantra by now. Some people live by it almost religiously. Most of us, however, will reduce and recycle, but we seem to skip that reuse step quite often. We see items as trash or junk and usually treat them as such. Instead of being reincarnated into some useful second life, things end up occupying landfills instead.

If you want to take a stab at the reuse step—or if you already take that step and simply need inspiration—I suggest you check out This site is absolutely awesome! There are tons of photos and links on items made from recyclable products, or items that may seem like junk to the untrained eye.

What exactly can you find on Recyclart? Well, how about a telephone clock or a shoe sculpture built out of computer parts. You can decorate yourself or your home with button rings and magnets, or maybe you’d rather lounge in a bottle cap chair. If you really have a knack for the arts, you can try your skill at egg carton cubic paintings; but if music is more your “thing” then you may be partial to the vintage suitcase upright bass. Old books can always be turned into container pots and you can unleash your inner child with the creation of a Lego house (provided you have enough Legos).

I hope some of these samples will shed some light on new ways you can reuse old items (if not, perhaps these wine bottle lights will). Before you decide to throw anything away, remember to find another use for it first—after all, one man’s trash could really become another man’s treasure.