Image Source: Stock.Xchng

Image Source: Stock.Xchng

Nine European nations are preparing to draw up plans for the first clean energy project of its kind: A renewable supergrid.

A network of undersea cables would span thousands of miles (kilometers) and cost up to €30 billion (over $43 billion). It would also act as a solution to one of the biggest problems faced by renewable power: how to make it reliable through all types of weather patterns.

Calling the project a supergrid is by no means an overstatement. It will connect Scotland’s offshore wind turbines with Germany’s solar panels, which will then connect with the wave power provided throughout Denmark and Belgium, finally joining up with Norway’s hydro-electric dams. Basically, as long as there is sun, waves or wind, there will be power supplied across Europe.

The other countries that will be involved with the project include: Ireland, the UK, the Netherlands, Sweden, Luxembourg, and France. They are hoping that by starting to draft plans for the supergrid now their 2020 goal of having 20% of the European Union’s energy come from renewable sources will become all the more attainable.

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